Company Profile

Litever focus on the development, design and manufacturing of LED Lights and consumer electronics. The company is a pioneer and leading vendor in the industry. We continually discover new ways to help customers better their lives through innovative and functional products.

Market-oriented and technology-driven, the main aim of our company is to put user interests at the forefront to design and build superior products.

Before releasing any new product to the market our specialized team carefully analyses each new product against a strict criteria ensuring levels of innovation, creativity and user-friendliness.

Our innovative methods have enabled our company to undertake numerous cutting-edge ODM / OEM projects with a number of respected partners worldwide. Since its establishment, Litever has sustained rapid and steady growth, established a number of key strategic partners and distributors, and developed a worldwide presence. 

As we continue to expand our product lines and geographical reach, we stay true to our original guiding principles to consistently bring innovative and creative products to our customers.