Russia Into The LED Lighting Of The Silk Road

2016-06-21 17:37:32  
Past and future. Since last September, the National President Xi Jinping on three initiatives starting to build a "New Silk Road" in the grand vision of an important visit. He proposed the "Silk Road economic zone", but also soon rise to a major national strategy. 
In Russia, the CIS countries represented, is an important node in the new "Silk Road economic zone". Recently, I visited soon to be of some experts and entrepreneurs to understand their right to Russia as the representative of the CIS countries in emerging markets LED lighting some understanding and views. 
China is Russia's largest lighting importer 
A researcher in the industry that in recent years, along with Russia's accession to WTO, issued "ban white" timetable 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics was successfully held, and will be hosting the World Cup in 2018 and a series of moves, are harbingers of the future of Russia LED lighting will be in great demand in the market.
In fact, lighting products, and from 2009 to 2013, China has also Russia's largest importer, by Germany. In addition to China, Russia, the importing country are basically distributed in countries in the European region. 
According to related statistics, 2013 Last year, China to Russia and the CIS countries on six areas of exports totaled 800 million zero $ 400,000, of which the largest lighting exports, totaling $ 600 million 5172 million, or 81.43% of the total export sector. by the display, totaling $ 72.22 million, accounting for 9.02%. The third is Christmas lights, totaling $ 40.74 million, accounting for 5.09%. These three products accounted for 95.54% total exports. 
Export distribution from Russia and the CIS region, Russia (accounting for 75.74% of the total) is China's largest exporter, by Ukraine (accounting for up to 13.47%), the third is Kazakhstan (accounting for up to 6.08%). The remaining countries export a big gap between the top three, up only 4.71%. Export distribution type situation from the perspective of individual countries, the two largest countries Russia and Ukraine, lighting the proportion even higher than the overall level, respectively, 82% and 86%.
Russian LED lighting market demand for products and pioneering way 
Under globalization overseas markets, is a vast blue ocean. Worldwide LED lighting in emerging markets is becoming increasingly been watching, began to usher in the dawn of a new development - Today, many domestic LED lighting companies have been gearing up, have set their sights on Russia and the CIS countries. However, the market saw the wind, smell the breath of the market is not enough, even more important to understand the essence of the market. 
Recently, many domestic lighting industry's elite in a media interview, feel free to share them both to Russia and the CIS countries, analysis and understanding. 
Industry sources believe that the division of the current Russian demand for LED lighting products, can be grouped into two categories, one of which, in accordance with the gross margin level points, the market demand can be divided into three kinds: Government Lighting Project: higher gross profit, which is part of the European market well-known enterprises and local famous brands compete relations major markets, landscape lighting design, building lighting and lighting based; replace demand: From 2012 onwards, indoor and outdoor LED public lighting and home lighting needs to gradually replace the class starting amount, so LED lighting stores in different basic products have shelves. New Clothes needs: mainly office space, CBD, high-end residential buildings usually LED panel lighting lights, LED downlights, LED Strip Light Bulb Spotlight demand and relatively strong.
Second, in accordance with the subdivision application areas can be divided into three major kinds of strong demand in the market: commercial office space to replace: factories, underground parking, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, etc., LEDT tubes, lights, downlights, bulb, Spotlight has started to replace large quantities, the price competition is very fierce. Replace lighting: LED streetlights replaced locally in small quantities to start the next 2-3 years will be replaced by the formation of large wave. Stadium lighting and landscape lighting design: the 2013 Universiade in Russia, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, 2018 European Cup and other international sports events, which greatly promoted the implementation of the local government's energy saving LED design and application engineering.
For many domestic enterprises, Russia and CIS countries is a large and rather strange in emerging markets, and thus before entering, companies are especially cautious this, Shenzhen Yu Hua Yi Chen admits light, into Russia and the CIS national markets, mainly related to the following three questions: 
First, product positioning and pricing issues. If it is commercial lighting and lighting engineering, design and quality more important than price. But if it is an ordinary civil lighting, price is the most sensitive factor. So they need to do to balance civil lighting requirements to take the most cost-effective, relatively inexpensive. The second is the language problem. Russian businessman because of conditions, few English-speaking, limited English proficiency, exhibitors need to find a translator in Russia, so the business communication and negotiation, some obstacles. Third, the issue of payment. For example, Russia's New Year's holiday decorative lights market, the selling season is short, from October to mid-December, two and a half months, the demand is very large in a short time. Customers need to advance money to do inventory, customers have put a lot of time needs posted. This is risky. Especially in Europe and the United States in the current macroeconomic environment put pressure on Russia, with dollars as payment currency at greater risk, need to be more cautious. 

Admittedly, discover and explore any one emerging market with potential, will be a useful exploration process. Looking to the future of Russia and the CIS LED lighting market, the Shenzhen Artlight Opto-electronic Co., Ltd Chen Aihua said Russia and CIS countries from being called the "New Silk economic zone" began, it is destined to Russia will faced with a drastic economic changes. To break into foreign markets, improve technology is the foundation, is the premise of excellent quality, improve intellectual property is protected channel promotion is the key, strategic positioning is oriented, so to open the international trade market, must be in technology, quality, and intellectual property rights among When combining the use of correct and efficient channels to promote a good grasp of strategic positioning is to open international trade market indispensable factor. 

Chen Aihua love representation in the 21st century, China LED lighting technology, quality increasingly strong intellectual property increasingly perfect, promotion channels pushed to the most critical position, the traditional sales model and a single marketing channel has been unable to adapt to the development of the times , the new channels to promote the exhibition mode in support of the government serious impact on the LED lighting business, and let the Chinese LED lighting becomes dazzling pearl rapid and efficient international market. In such a good situation, LED lighting companies should be under strong government support homeopathy, the courage to take the country.