Analysing The LED Lamps And Design Trends

2016-06-21 17:36:12  
Lighting industry through constant development, now has been fully into the LED lighting era of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the entry of foreign capital, lighting the internationalization of domestic competition situation, for all the lighting enterprise, is both opportunity and challenge. From the lighting, has the world first-class equipment and management, for us to provide professional, individuality, energy-saving lighting products. Lighting market is at a dogfight stage, cheats use inferior products harm people's health common events, from the lighting to remind everyone to be careful.
The fourth generation of green energy semiconductor lighting lighting lamps and lanterns of unprecedented opportunities and challenges. , so to speak, trying to increase energy saving light sources and different class, different style, different USES of lamps and lanterns of development, to accelerate the development of green, energy-saving light source products promotion and application become the key to lamps and lanterns industry structure adjustment in China. So in the face of new light source LED, what are the development trend of lighting design? From the lighting think we can from four aspects to look at the development trend of lighting products:
Environmental protection and energy saving. As the global energy crisis, environmental protection and energy saving is not only the government advocated healthy way of life, and become a kind of attitude to life. And lighting as an important source of human energy, also caught the attention of government attaches great importance to and people. Therefore, both on the light source and lighting design in material, system design, electrical accessories, cooling measures and in the design of the structure should reflect the environmental protection and energy saving.
Health. Refers to pervious to light lamps and lanterns, distribution, and change the light source distribution equipment, including all except light source in a fixed and protect the light source all the components and the circuit with power that must be the attachment. , so to speak, lighting lamps and lanterns design focus lighting utility function (including to create a visual environment, glare, etc.), try to be protective layer and durable. In general, through the lighting design have give a person with healthy and comfortable lighting.
Intelligent. Along with the development of science and technology, some lamps and lanterns can through the mobile terminal can control the light switch and the dimming, etc., some still can through voice control, induction and other high technology to control the design, in addition, also can create an atmosphere of different situations by intelligent lighting system, give a person with cheerful feeling. Therefore, through the intelligent design satisfy people pursuit of convenience and pleasure to enjoy, the demand of the overall management has become a development trend of lamps and lanterns design.
Human nature. Lamps and lanterns of humanized design is that the design of lamps and lanterns to people demand to design the lamps and lanterns, is the human emotion as a starting point, from the perspective of the people to create the artistic conception of a kind of light. It can be starting from the demand of people through the light display form, scope, brightness, color and so on various aspects to adjust in order to satisfy the demands of the lighting.
In the face of new energy development and progress, in the face of opportunities and challenges, from the first puts forward the concept of ecological lighting lighting, is committed to taste elegant, free casual life experiences and practices to create light environment, bend force building lighting products with distinctive features and elements of fashion. Lighting products is closely related to health, from the lighting to remind everyone must buy normal channels of qualified goods, don't buy a liar of inferior goods.