LED desk lamps are not only for lighting,but also for decoration

2016-06-21 17:41:12  
LED desk lamps for many people during the night to bring the light, so now more demand for lighting, types of lighting in the past is quite. But now, with the emergence of LED lights, to a large extent on the change pattern of the lighting industry.
LED lights, energy saving and environmental protection
With the improvement of life quality requirements, the lighting is not only the lighting needs of life, has also become an important part of interior decoration. Reporter saw two people's homes, they are a fine, bright overhead lights installed in the living room. However, reporters and experts that the LED lights are expensive, many people buy lighting, will choose the cheaper price of energy-saving lamps.
"Many people think that the energy-saving effect of energy-saving lamps and LED lights are the same, it is not true." OF NUCLEAR introduced, compared to the previous bulbs, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps can really play the effect of energy-saving but compared and LED lights, energy-saving lamp energy saving effect is very weak. Home energy-saving lamps are replaced by LED lights, at least 50% energy saving. "The External Heat said.
Ai-hua Chen said, many people think that the high price of LED lights, so I chose to energy-saving lamps, but in the long term, energy-saving lamps is probably a one-year exchange, the LED light can be used more than a decade, but also save a lot of electricity. "In so doing, cheaper LED lights.
"Not only that, the energy-saving lamps of mercury pollution is also very serious and will cause a very serious impact to the environment." External Heat.
"Many people think that as long as the electrical switch is off, the power switch is open it does not matter, this idea is wrong." External Heat said, If the power strip power switch has been open, even if what appliances are useless, also remains in consumption electricity.
"In addition to the power consumption, the strip has been open will also have a great security risk." Peng said, some people's homes in the strip above the power plug is full to the brim, and never pull a long time will fever, as a security risk in the home. Ho Peng reminded the public that the appliances when not in a timely manner unplug the strip around to keep the air circulation, do not leave flammable materials, so as not to cause a fire.
In general, the advantages of using LED lights is very obvious, so we should pay special attention to. After all, the LED lights with foreign advanced level there is not a small gap, so the price and performance has some shortcomings.